Updated March 16, 2022

Masks and proof of vaccination are no longer required to attend a meditation meeting. Please review the ongoing voluntary infection control practices before attending.



The Buddhist Meditation Society of Northern BC welcomes anyone interested in meditation to join us for weekly practice.

Known informally as the Open Door Sangha, our purpose is to 'open the door' to Buddhist practice by providing a suitable space for regular formal meditation, and by bringing people in touch with a rich history and qualified teachers. Traditional meditative practices are unfamiliar to many Westerners. Even the simple act of sitting still can be very difficult initially. However, those who stick with it find that deep benefits appear as practice matures.

Our organization is composed of two individual meditation groups (Vipassana and Zen) each embodying its own particular forms and practices with a common purpose of sharing the benefits of meditation with anyone who wishes to learn.

In the Vipassana group (Wednesday evenings), we sit for 45 minutes focusing on our breath, take a short break and then listen to a dharma talk on some aspect of Buddhism.

In Zen group (Tuesday evenings), we begin by bowing and chanting followed by two or three 25 minute periods of sitting meditation. Between each sit is a 5 minute period of walking meditation. The evening ends with a short chant and a serving of tea. Afterwards, people are encouraged to stay 10 minutes to discuss any issues they may have or ask questions of more experienced members.

If you are interested in practicing with us, please call or email one of our contact people. New participants should arrange for preliminary instruction prior to their first session. We meet in the lower level of the Greek Orthodox Church, 511 S Tabor Blvd., Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.


Vipassana         Vipassana Dharma Wheel

Vipassana means 'insight' (in the Pali language), something encountered on all Buddhist paths. It is used informally as the name of a western Theravadin Buddhist meditation practice, and properly, the method can be referred to as "samatha/vipassana".

The Vipassana group meets regularly on Wednesday evenings at 7:15 pm and ends at 8:15 pm, with members arriving at 7:00 to be seated and ready.

From time to time, the Vipassana group organizes weekend retreats with invited teachers. 



Zen               Zen Circle

The practice of Zen meditation fosters an ability to live in the present and experience reality fully. The practice is not complicated but it is subtle, and we learn the form by doing it again and again; it is through the repetition of simple actions that we go through the process of clarification, insight and development.

The Zen group meets regularly on Tuesday evenings at 6:15 pm and ends at 8:15 pm, with members arriving at 6:00 to be seated and ready.

We have informal tea and welcome practice related discussion afterwards.